Middle East and US Politics – Where is the Guilt?

As I write this the media is still covering the uprising in the Middle East. Who is at fault, the cause, and what needs to be done going forward depends on which media outlet is doing the reporting. As I see it (and since this is my blog I get to promote my opinion) the fault lies on Abraham (and Sarah). Okay I know you are asking who he is and exactly why is it his fault. Abraham is the father of the Jewish and Arabic people. Sarah and Abraham did not have children so she convinced Abraham to take Hagar (a servant) to be his second wife, this lead to the birth of Ishmael.  Even though Ishmael, the man the Arabic people are descended from was first born he was not the one God promised and he was not of Abraham’s union with Sarah so he not placed first in the family. Isaac whom the Jews are descended from was placed first. This all lead to family animosity that continues to this day.

Now that is a simple approach to all of this. Over the years we have tried to be peaceful to the Arabic people and it has lead to peace and war at different times. Ultimately this all depends on several things. First, who is in charge of the country we are trying to make peace with. Second, it is what Israel is up to. Third it is who is in charge of the US policy.  When there is a bad mix of these three conflicts ensues. When the mix is stable there is peace to some degree even if it is forced. Usually though it is an unstable peace and since 1947 this has been the case.

Now let us fast forward to a more modern history. Radical Islamist (notice we have moved from the term Arabic) have decided that they are against the United States. Why is that? One reason could be that the US has a strong allied relationship with Israel. Another reason could be that oppressive beliefs of the Muslims fly in the face of the natural freedoms of the United States. America’s foreign policy has had a number of issues. George Bush was not one of our best presidents due to his domestic policies, but I feel that his foreign policy was one of the best in history. America’s economy does not allow it to be the sleeping giant it was “once upon a time”. We are required to have a strong presence throughout the world. Part of that is having the might to show, the will to use it and the wisdom to know how to use it. Bush explained to the radical Muslims that the US was off limits by the calculated use of power.  Could he have done a better job? Sure he could have.

In 2008 there was a strong argument made that the US needed to back off on the radical Muslims. Many Americans tired of the war and mourning the loss of beloved heroes decided to change political policies and elected Barack Obama. Obama felt that we needed to be friendlier with the Muslim world and less so with the state of Israel. This was obviously due in part to his childhood influences and nourished by those he met in collage.

These influences have led to a country that is weakened economically due to failed domestic policies, a country that is weakened militarily due to failing foreign policies. Over the last four years America has turned its back on its Mid-East allies and bowed to the whims of Muslim extremist. At the same time the US continues to give taxpayer dollars to counties who politicians and citizens who wish to kill Americans. This has given comfort to our enemies.  The money has given aid to them. These have led to the deaths of American diplomats, service men and allies. It has led to the destruction of American interests and attacks on US Embassies. The question is who is responsible for these atrocities?

Is it the voters of this country who elected the Obama? The media who hides his actions? or is it Obama and those he surrounds himself with?

Caylux says that the US voters that elected him are guilty being duped by honey words, fears of a  history of  claims of racism and Duped by a false hope.

Caylux says that the media is guilty of lying and instigating discourse

Caylux says that Obama and his political allies are guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy,  of instigating social and civil discourse, and betraying the Constitution.

It is not up to this blog to pass sentence that is up to the public at large. In the end our choice is simple. We can continue on the road we are on or we can change course. Changing course may not lead us to safety and prosperity, but it will most likely lead us from the weakened state we are seen with in the world. Many of our enemies will not respect us for being nice and respectfully. Their society is not made that way. They understand strength and power only. This of course is just my opinion.


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